Ekoenergetyka Offers Tesla Standard Compliant Fast Charging Infrastructure

Ekoenergetyka enters the North American market with the AXON EASY charging station, fully complying with Tesla standards.

European electric vehicle charging infrastructure manufacturer Ekoenergetyka is entering the North American market with the AXON EASY charging station. Independent tests conducted by CharIN have confirmed that the AXON EASY is fully compliant with the North American Charging Standards (NACS), also known as the Tesla standard.

NACS has been Tesla’s most widely used electric vehicle charging connection system in North America since 2012 and the NACS connector serves as an alternative to the CCS Combo connector, with many major automakers adopting the NACS standard. Delivering up to 150 kW of power output, NACS ports allow Tesla vehicles to charge their battery up to 80 percent in around 30 minutes.

Stating that they have taken an important step by successfully integrating their products into the NACS standard, Marcin Graczykowski, Director of Product Management at Ekoenergetyka, said: “At Ekoenergetyka, we have reached another milestone by integrating the NACS standard into our state-of-the-art products. Thanks to a systematic approach to the design of new chargers, we can safely say that tests on the AXON EASY charger have confirmed full compliance with the NACS standard across Ekoenergetyka’s entire product range.”

According to the US Department of Energy, Tesla has 17,740 fast charging ports in the US, representing 62 percent of all fast charging ports in the country.

Tesla, which has sold 600 thousand vehicles in the US with a population of 332 million, has also entered the Turkish market quickly. In 2023, the company delivered 1.2 million vehicles worldwide, and the number of vehicles sold in Türkiye exceeds 9 thousand. As of the end of 2023, the number of fast charging stations installed in Türkiye is 2,228 and there are a total of 5,444 fast charging connection points in these stations.