State Minister of Transport Hermann visits Scheuerle at the BuGa: “Companies like Scheuerle are moving forward the energy transition”

Winfried Hermann, Transport Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg was very impressed by the rotor blade transporter from Scheuerle on display at the show. The high-tech product “Made in Baden-Württemberg” is helping to advance the energy transition.

Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann visited the Scheuerle stand at the Federal Horticultural Show (Buga) in Heilbronn and was brought up-to-date on the rotor blade transporter being exhibited by the company. Meeting directly by the vehicle, the Heilbronn-based entrepreneur Otto Rettenmaier, founder of the Heilbronn-based Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group), and Susanne Rettenmaier, Managing Partner of the TII Group along with Dr. Gerald Karch, CEO of TII Group greeted him warmly. “Scheuerle’s rotor blade transporter links the themes of ‘renewable energies’ and ‘innovative transport of complex goods’. Thus, the transporter represents the Buga guiding theme of “mobility” and stands for a sustainable future”, explained Susanne Rettenmaier.

Winfried Hermann was impressed by the performance capability of the rotor blade transporter “Made in Baden-Württemberg”. “The State of Baden-Württemberg is working extremely hard to promote the energy transition. In the process, we also depend on the help of industry. Baden-Württemberg companies such as Scheuerle make an important contribution”, he said. “We have developed the rotor blade transporter in collaboration with experts in the wind energy sector to ensure that it optimally meets their needs”, explained Dr. Karch.